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Lady Gaga Social Media Success

March 13th, 2010

It was on New Year’s Eve, in South Beach, Miami, Lady Gaga had a concert at the Fontainbleau hotel and almost everyone was buzzing it earlier that day whether at the beach, in the cafes, and bars alike. Lady Gaga didn’t wait till the concert to start right after midnight, she was there at the hotel’s second floor window watching people and everyone was taking photos. Around midnight, I was trying to cross the Ocean 11 street when two guys in a speedy car, yelled at me asking “Where’s the the Lady Gaga show?” and I shouted “at Fontainbleau” at the top of my voice with my French accent; I don’t know if the wind took my word or if they really heard it, but for sure they were not gonna miss it albeit it costed 500 dollars. It has been said here and there, Lady Gaga, the master of her outreach and marketing, millions of fanbase. Not to despise the traditional media, the new media with its gigantic platforms to feed your brand and get heard by your fans, is ruling the moment. As much knowing and properly using the tools are important, your brand and uniqueness is essential. I believe, at least, there are a couple of reasons why Lady Gaga has been tremendously successful in her winning an ever increasing fanbase, hence millions of tickets/songs sales.

1. She has a a unique brand that persists without being adulterated
2. Visibility – as a person and brand
In a lot of circumstances, Lady Gaga interacts with fans whether in person or tweeting behind back stages before her show starts. She makes brief appearances before a show, that excites fans and stirs buzz.
3. Sticking to her talent.
Whether she has managers around her or not, Lady Gaga is in control, always making sure she displays herself as a model. In most cases, she is the one who brings most of the ideas to the table.