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Facebook Community Pages – Connecting to Everything You Care About

May 21st, 2010

Facebook guys experiment new tech, functionality and features in a bigger scale that can shock their users as we have noticed recently with privacy issues and other open graph protocol related debates. I love the way Google does, experimentation by invitation only and roll out comes later.

As we can see from recent Facebook developments, it feels to me that Facebook is planning to be a hub of the web in regard to providing the information we need without using systematic algorithm as Google does but through very relevant, semantically integrated connections, like people, photos, activities, etc. Most of the functionality try to mirror Google’s approach but in a different manner. Also I believe Community Pages is one of Facebook’s strategy to create a wiki like, but more official information providing platform, in the same way Google tried using knol

As seen so far, Facebook guys are working on finding any possible connections you have with the world around you and make it dynamic and accessible. Facebook community pages are one of these connections, that connect you to everything you care about, everything you want to do, everything you love to hear about and be able to see others who have similar interests.

It’s not the right time to speak a lot on the benefits of Facebook’s Community page. Neither it’s simple to forecast that we will have a better version. We have seen a dozens of applications deactivated or removed indefinitely and replaced with new ones.