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March 30th, 2011

Google was late to understand the idea of relevant searches didn’t mean nothing unless they are socially interconnected through relationships. It later incorporated information from Flickr, Twitter and other sites so that users have a more relevant search result. Status update and sharing information among users was possible via Buzz.

That was just the beginning. Google was looking a better place to put related and relevant information in one place, a social platform. The Google profiles was meant to be a personal information platform. But Google started to infuse social form into it. The profiles section got revamped recently as part of their social strategy. The profiles page was not only to become a better user interface, but a future placeholder for personalized shared and related information and search results. Does the design looks familiar, something like Facebook? Yes, indeed.

Google +1With the introduction of +1, Google is taking relevancy to the next level, by enabling sharing recommendations to the world. Finally, all Google indexed information and data is getting a social form. Recommendations are now being part of the Google Profiles. Watch, the Google Profiles has already become a social platform in our eyes.

Do you think this going to be a Facebook killer? or at least matches Facebook in the long run? Add your thoughts in the comment section. What impact will it have in the whole social media arena?

I don’t have a +1 button yet for my blog 🙂

Start using +1.

Shrinking Your Social Network to Connections That Matter

March 28th, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg took our real experience to online presence. Facebook grabbed the world by the balls and the world embraced it. In the crescendo of an ever increasing members on Facebook and in the loudness of distributed human network over the platform, we can see a hint of a glitch that may eventually be repaired to help Facebook stay at it is or diminuendo is inevitable.

I am interested to share my status, photos, videos just like many million others on Facebook. I sometimes ask myself does it worth it? I took my time to go to the beach and I use extra minutes even hour to upload the photos and stay in touch on Facebook. Does it worth it? Letting hundreds of my friends know that ‘done this, done that’ experience adds to my happiness? No. I don’t understand the reason to get two lives (online and real) go in parallel. I am not against being social. But there should be a limit to us, a focus to some rather than telling the whole world about ones situation.

Most recently, we are found to be interested in a more closer network than before. GroupMe, Fastcompany, Fast Society, Beluga are on the forefront to achieve the goal of getting people be in touch with their close friends. A photo app that shares photos for friends at a wedding if they are close by 10 feet, is also an awesome app that how people are more interested to get connected to localized situation. Many of the new apps featured at the SXSW 2011 focused on group messaging. This shows how we are moving from a dispersed huge social network to a more confined and petite network.

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