Shrinking Your Social Network to Connections That Matter

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Mark Zuckerberg took our real experience to online presence. Facebook grabbed the world by the balls and the world embraced it. In the crescendo of an ever increasing members on Facebook and in the loudness of distributed human network over the platform, we can see a hint of a glitch that may eventually be repaired to help Facebook stay at it is or diminuendo is inevitable.

I am interested to share my status, photos, videos just like many million others on Facebook. I sometimes ask myself does it worth it? I took my time to go to the beach and I use extra minutes even hour to upload the photos and stay in touch on Facebook. Does it worth it? Letting hundreds of my friends know that ‘done this, done that’ experience adds to my happiness? No. I don’t understand the reason to get two lives (online and real) go in parallel. I am not against being social. But there should be a limit to us, a focus to some rather than telling the whole world about ones situation.

Most recently, we are found to be interested in a more closer network than before. GroupMe, Fastcompany, Fast Society, Beluga are on the forefront to achieve the goal of getting people be in touch with their close friends. A photo app that shares photos for friends at a wedding if they are close by 10 feet, is also an awesome app that how people are more interested to get connected to localized situation. Many of the new apps featured at the SXSW 2011 focused on group messaging. This shows how we are moving from a dispersed huge social network to a more confined and petite network.

Here are some of the apps that are getting momentum and growing including the newly launched Google’s Disco.


Beluga is a free app that helps groups of friends stay in touch on the go. You don’t have to pay for text as it is web based and you can use your friends’ numbers, names or email over the phone or on the web to send messages. It’s better than calling your friends or text that may not be free. Beluga is great or just share updates and photos. It’s instant, intimate and simple. Best of all, it’s completely free. iPhoneAndroid

Fast Society

Team up with your friends for a few hours, a few days or forever! Reach everyone at once by texting a single number. Link up on an instant conference call or shout out with a recorded voice message. Share your location to meet up. Share photos with your entire team. iPhoneAndroid


Start groups with the people already in your contacts. When you send a message, everyone instantly receives it—it’s like a private chat room that works on any phone.iPhoneAndroid


Chill with friends, Chat with new people, Hangout in Communities. The app has photo sharing, search and profile personalization features.iPhoneAndroid



DiscoGroup sms messaging from Google. This may be a good time to catch up for Google in the social media world. Group messaging seem to have a prophetic move at the SXSW to the next level of social networking. iPhone

As a side note, In my opinion, Zuckeberg rushed to buy a group messaging app, Beluga, with such understanding of where the web is going. Facebook is the most successful existing social network much better than any other company that gives Zuckerberg the upper hand to buy and merge social apps or softwares quickly as they come along.

I will add more apps in this blog later whenever I get time.

My blog is not as completed, I add more of my ideas anytime in the same blog. Enjoy.

  • mel

    Good topic!!!
    The role of social networking sites like Facebook is highly remarkable. All have played played a major role in bringing people together, share information and avoid the issues of distance. But, investing lots of tine along with the extra time that we put on these sites is not appropriate. Even sometimes our loved ones require that extra time. Yes! There should be a limit, in fact there should be a limit for everything!