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Why did Leonardo da Vinci painted two Virgins of the Rocks?

July 29th, 2011

which one do you like more? why? what are the differences?

It’s in the news that the Louvre (left painting) and the London’s National Gallery of Art (right painting) are going to reunite them for sometime for display.

Two Versions of Leonardo Da Vinci's Virgin of the Rocks

This is a historic agreement between the two prestigious galleries. It’s also an epic time for Leonardo critics to see the two paintings side by side. We might get a better glimpse and meaning of the difference between these masterpieces done by the great Leonardo.

An excerpt and analysis from Leonardo’s notebooks on rocks and landscapes:

The colours of the shadows in mountains at a great distance take a most lovely blue, much purer than their illuminated portions. And from this it follows that when the rock of a mountain is reddish the illuminated portions are violet (?) and the more they are lighted the more they display their proper colour.

Probably, he was talking about what he applied on the painting on the right?

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Send button, another plugin from Facebook

April 26th, 2011

Facebook announced today that they released a new button, the Send button to be used by itself or along with or in the context of the Like button.

During the time when Google is working on +1 for integration with websites, Facebook’s new effort in adding this button to their collection of plugins further strengthens Facebook’s presence across the web.

The Send button enables Facebook users to send links and recommendations only to specific friends, Facebook Groups that the user subscribed, even send to emails unlike the Like button which shares a link to all friends of the user.

Use the send button below to recommend this blog to your friends.

The send button simplifies the way to reach to specific friends on Facebook.

Further reference on the launch of the Send button,
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March 30th, 2011

Google was late to understand the idea of relevant searches didn’t mean nothing unless they are socially interconnected through relationships. It later incorporated information from Flickr, Twitter and other sites so that users have a more relevant search result. Status update and sharing information among users was possible via Buzz.

That was just the beginning. Google was looking a better place to put related and relevant information in one place, a social platform. The Google profiles was meant to be a personal information platform. But Google started to infuse social form into it. The profiles section got revamped recently as part of their social strategy. The profiles page was not only to become a better user interface, but a future placeholder for personalized shared and related information and search results. Does the design looks familiar, something like Facebook? Yes, indeed.

Google +1With the introduction of +1, Google is taking relevancy to the next level, by enabling sharing recommendations to the world. Finally, all Google indexed information and data is getting a social form. Recommendations are now being part of the Google Profiles. Watch, the Google Profiles has already become a social platform in our eyes.

Do you think this going to be a Facebook killer? or at least matches Facebook in the long run? Add your thoughts in the comment section. What impact will it have in the whole social media arena?

I don’t have a +1 button yet for my blog 🙂

Start using +1.

Focus, Focus, Focus

April 27th, 2010

Let’s say you are digging about urban fashion in New York on the Internet. You have opened three or more browsers. You might have one or two hours to search for it. In the middle of your searching you find other irrelevant but important information, let’s say ’10 ways to wear brand fashion cheaper’. You are tempted to read but your focus should be on urban fashion in NY.
One easy way to focus on what you are reading is this: bookmark the site.
Here’s how:

  1. If you are in FireFox, click Bookmarks menu
  2. Click Bookmark This Page
  3. Click the drop down arrow under Folder
  4. Click New Folder button
  5. Type something like: Read later or anything you like
  6. Click Done

If you are using IE (Internet Explorer),

  1. Click Favorites menu
  2. Click Add Favorites
  3. Click the New Folder button
  4. Type: Read Later or whatever you like
  5. Click Create and click Add

Next time, go to Favorites menu and Access the Read Later menu to see your saved web pages.

Once you have searched enough on urban fashion in NY, should you have time, go to Bookmarks menu, then under Read Later folder, you will find your favorite link.

Chances are you are reading online on your PC, iPhone, Android, or iPad. It’s better to take your time to install the Instapaper application, a simple tool to save web pages for reading later.


Should you have other ways to do this, tell me in the comments section below.